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All About Bakerro: Singapore's Baking Community


  • All about Bakerro: Singapore's Baking Community

    Welcome to Bakerro, Singapore’s Baking Community and Forum. We are looking to bring together people who are looking to share their passion and interests in baking - through the sharing of recipes (be it cakes, cupcakes, muffins), recommendations of equipment and reviews of baking courses and workshops.

    There are 5 main sections in the forum as explained:

    Members’ Area
    This section is for registered members (you can easily register with an email address or Facebook account) to post questions with regard to the navigation and usage of this site. Feedback and suggestions to improve this forum are also welcome. Site announcements will also be posted here should there be any updates.

    Business owners of cafes, bakeries and restaurants, as well as small business owners of online bakeries are welcome to post description, information and contact details in this section. Individuals are also welcome to post their greetings in this section, under Introductions (Come hi and say hello!).

    Non-baking topics go under Off-Topic Chats, which can be anything under the sun though nothing offensive. (Read our Privacy Policy for posts not allowed on this forum)

    Baking Forums (Recipes, Disaster Help, Eggless Baking & Baking Equipment)

    There are 4 subsections to this section.

    Recipes: Share your recipes with regard to anything related to baking goods in this section. By posting your recipes, you are aware that your recipe is no longer private and is now shared on a public domain. Please do not share any recipe that you are not comfortable with sharing!

    If you have taken a recipe from an external source, please insert a link to the recipe.

    Disaster Help: Not sure what went wrong while trying out a new recipe, equipment or ingredient? Post your questions and baking experiences here, and see what our fellow Bakerro members say! You may find a new fusion of recipes!

    Eggless Baking: Shortened to Eggless Baking, but the full title of this section is supposed to be for people with special food preferences or food allergies or people on a diet or sensitive to a particular ingredient. This section includes Halal, Vegetarian, Vegan, Eggless, Gluten-free recipes.

    Baking Equipment: Looking to upgrade your skills or try out the latest goods in town? This is the place for you to bounce your thoughts and clear your doubts.

    Looking for something to complement your baking skills but not sure what to get? You can also ask fellow Bakerro members in this section, or give advice to other members. Members are also encouraged to post reviews of any baking equipment that they are currently using.

    If you’re looking to sell your equipment, please go to the other main section titled “Marketplace: Buy/Sell”.

    Baking Events

    There are 2 subsections to this section.

    Career Options and Advice in the F&B industry: As a business owner looking for some help in the kitchen, you can post your job listings here. As an individual looking to venture into the F&B industry or take up any courses for leisure or seriously consider carving a career, then this is the place for you to share your opinions, ideas and thoughts.

    Baking Courses & Workshops: As a business owner of a cafe or someone looking to conduct a workshop, you can post information about your workshop and an external sign-up link. As an individual, you can browse through the courses and workshops that other Bakerro members have to offer.

    Individuals are advised to check relevant qualifications and reviews before signing up for any courses or workshops with third-party agencies. This is beyond our control or supervision. If you find something suspicious, do report it at “Contact Us” found at the bottom of our page.

    Marketplace: Buy/Sell

    There are 2 subsections to this section.

    Ongoing Promotions: This is the section where you can post any ongoing promotions that your business, store or online bakery is carrying out.

    Equipment: Buy/seek deals and sell your baking equipment here.
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