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Bakery Review: Provence Bakery


  • Bakery Review: Provence Bakery

    Previously, we wrote reviews about bakeries in Singapore, such as Duke Bakery and homegrown bakery, BreadTalk. As part of this series of articles, we are doing another review on Japanese bakery, Provence.

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    Must-Try: Milk Pan, Milky Stick, Wassants, Brazilian Cheese Bun, Cinnamon Rolls

    We usually list the links to the websites of the bakery that we are reviewing, but a peculiar thing to note about Provence Bakery is how both its website and Facebook page have been lacking any updates since 2013.

    Perhaps the prevalence of food reviews sites such as HungryGoWhere and Yelp have allowed such a lapse in social media marketing, where users continually post updates about the bakery’s progress and their respective experience with the breads offered on sale.

    As a result, they have since expanded to a number of stores, from the original store at Holland Village in 2001 to a number. The full list can be found here.

    Provence is the name of its first shop and cafe at Holland Village, while other shops go by Petit Provence or Little Provence.

    Image source: Provence Bakery

    The other shops comprise only a bakery (together with a small adjacent kitchen) while the outlet at Holland V has a cosy cafe on its second storey to allow hungry customers to munch on their breads while having some coffee. The outlet at Ion Orchard has closed.

    It amuses us that Provence is actually a Japanese-styled bakery, though its name does give out French vibes, similar to how Duke Bakery has attributed its influences from Japanese and European styles.

    Their Milk Pan, which essentially means Milk Bread, has long been their number one seller. Its soft interior together with a creamy sweet taste is bound to be a hit for both adults and children. If you like their Milk Pan, then you ought to try their Milky Sticks as well.

    They are always experimenting with new flavours, probably to see if they are runaway successes and it is common to see a “New” label, often placed beside their best-selling products. Their chocolate and kaya wassants are worth a try, whilst the sandwiches available at their Holland V cafe are also worth a bite.

    The Milk Pan currently go at $1.70 while the Milky Sticks are priced at $1.50 each.

    What We like about Provence

    Similar to that of Duke Bakery, Provence Bakery which has been in the market slightly longer than the penetration of Duke Bakery in the local market has also adopted the practice of listing the allergens present in its bread, namely Egg and Wheat.

    Local bakery BreadTalk, on the other hand, has not adopted such a practice, much to our disappointment. With an increase in consumers looking for healthier options and scrutinising what goes into the food they consume, it is perhaps pertinent that such a practice starts to be employed.

    In the meantime, we view such a practice as a significant point of difference among the bakeries in Singapore.


    Provence is a definitely a formidable competitor within the bakery industry in Singapore, though their online promotional campaigns can be better coordinated. (They sometimes give out vouchers, but rarely.)

    It is also of no doubt that Provence has strong Japanese bakeries and has long been in the Singapore market, but it can no longer rely solely on its roots given the influx of Japanese bakeries in recent years, such as Pullman Bakery.

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