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Battle of the Singaporean YouTubers: Who did it better in advertising fast food?


  • Battle of the Singaporean YouTubers: Who did it better in advertising fast food?

    It seems that global fast-food giants have employed the services of popular local YouTubers in their bid to engage the eyeballs of the local population.

    Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) recently launched an extra spicy version of their fried chickens called Red Hot Fried Chicken, with popular youth YouTuber Tan JianHao coming up with a cheesy song to feature the delicious-looking bucket along with his motley crew of hilarious comics.

    The video is embedded below:

    His then on-screen girlfriend Naomi Neo also posted an interesting video about KFC’s Red Hot Challenge, featuring Jianhao, Danial Ron and Vincent - regulars in the videos of Jianhao’s funny videos. (Naomi and Jianhao have since broken up.)

    Ron is known for his love for food in his and other YouTube collaboration videos, where he himself also posted a video regarding KFC’s Red Hot Chicken with Flaming Hot Sauce - embedded below.

    McDonalds also rejuvenated their menu, introducing truffle-flavored fries and red velvet themed ice cream and smoothies, probably in line with the national colour of red embossed with a SG50 touch.

    YouTuber Jonathan Cheok, under the YouTube moniker of Cheokboards, is seen coming up with a quirky-sounding Christmas tune singing the delights of MacDonalds' offerings. The video is embedded below:

    Cheok has previously appear in advertisements of McDonalds as well.

    We aren't sure if the people watching the advertisements would actually get the wrong idea that if they eat MacDonalds, they would become bald like Mr Jonathan Cheok himself.

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