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Looking for a personal chef knife

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  • Looking for a personal chef knife

    I am trying to fill out my kitchen set. I have a solid grasp of cutting techniques but I am a complete novice at sharpening — though I am eager to improve in that area. I am willing to spend about $100 on a chef's knife and I am willing to buy the appropriate tools to maintain it. Also, I have medium-length thin fingers. Any suggestions?

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    To start, we can look at whether you want a Japanese knife or a western knife.

    Here is a general overview:

    Japanese knives
    - harder steel
    - better edge retention (holds a sharper edge longer)
    - usually thinner blades
    - potential for the edge to chip (because the steel is very hard)

    Western knives
    - softer steel
    - knife edge rolls/bends instead of chipping (because the steel is softer)
    - usually thicker blades (i.e., more potential for wedging)

    If you want a high-performing knife, you might want to look at Japanese knives. Though keep in mind high-performing knives do require more maintenance and care.

    Keep in mind that this is a very basic summary of Japanese vs. western knives. Hope this helps!