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Fondant Bows keep breaking!

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  • Fondant Bows keep breaking!

    I tried making my fondant bows, and thought everything was turning out great until some hours later when i tried getting them off the plate and they all crumbled to the ground! does anyone have any advice? I really need to make this bow!

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    It may be that they were not all the way dried.
    When they fell apart, did you notice that they seemed slightly pliable, but just cracked and broke? If that's the case, let them dry even longer, because they aren't quite dry enough.

    This often happens in more humid areas ie. Singapore

    Here are some tips:
    To dry, you can place the formed gum paste piece on waxed paper and turn it carefully once a day to ensure that there is even drying. Do not put Gum paste in an low temperature oven to dry!

    Placing pieces near a heat source, such as an oven light, may hasten drying but putting it into the oven itself will not work.

    You can also place pieces in front of a fan, especially if it is humid outside. To speed drying, you can lay it on pieces of Styrofoam which allows air to circulate on both sides. (Sprinkle your foam square with cornstarch and work it in with your fingers. Then, lay the shape on the foam)


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      All i can think of is that your fondant was just too thin or they just stuck to the stick.

      Dusting the stick with cornstarch will help prevent sticking or try drying them on a cookie sheet sideways. to form the loops you can stuff the loops with tissue or paper towels. It would be easier to remove them or you can make the loops bigger too.