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Have you heard of AQUAFABA: Egg Substitute!

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  • Have you heard of AQUAFABA: Egg Substitute!

    I learned about this recently but it sounds intriguing!

    Aquafaba is the liquid you get from a tin of chickpeas - the thick gloopy stuff. Apparently it is an excellent egg substitute! Has anyone here tried using it before? I've seen photos of all sorts of things which have been made with it - amazingly, you can even make meringues!
    I'm so tempted to give this a try. I have a friend who is allergic to eggs and another friend who is vegan, so if it works well I'll use it a lot!

    I suppose it's another excuse to make these gorgeous chickpea cookies too!

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    I made the easiest chocolate mousse by melting dark chocolate in coconut cream then chilling and whipping it. I folded in the meringue and that was it. It has been in the refrigerator for a few days and hasn't lost any structure or texture. Awesome!


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      Did you bake that with aquafaba? Mousse tends to fall apart easily, so I'm curious how it turned out (if you used aquafaba).


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        Yes, I used aquafaba. The recipe is below.

        I made the chocolate mousse yesterday (1/2 cup aqua faba, 1/2 cup sugar, pinch cream of tartar beaten and then I folded a half cup of chocolate chips, thinned with a bit of almond milk) and we ate it today! It was really easy (I'm so lazy) and shockingly good! It was lighter than I remember non-vegan mousse and WAY lighter than the tofu based chocolate mousse. We all loved it, and even though we made it for tonight's dessert there is basically none left.

        I was shocked by how easily the chickpea water beat into foam and how well it held its shape. Seriously, 10 minutes of work for a dessert that tasted like it belonged in a restaurant menu. !