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Eggless Brownie possible?

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  • Eggless Brownie possible?

    Trawling the internet brings up plenty of vegan brownies, but some of the stuff that goes in them seems a little unnatural to me - I've got no desire to use hydrogenated vegetable oil spread when I could use butter. I'd really like some advice from the baking experts (that's you guys!) about making egg free brownies that taste like the real thing.

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    Eggs are just a structural ingredient, so it shouldn't be a problem replacing them. You'll probably discover many choices, all leading to different textures. The challenge might be finding one you like. I had a Ferran Adria flourless, eggless cake recipe once ... the experience was a bit like eating chocolate flavored nothing. Not my favorite, but some people loved it. It used some combination of hydrocolloids to create structure. Some other combination would have given a different result.

    You could try looking at vegan recipes (although I don't know if I ever ate a cake or cookie labelled "vegan" that I didn't want to spit out). Another great option, if you don't get a good answer here, is to join the Alinea Mosaic site and ask that community. Many of the world's high-tech ingredient ninjas gather there, and they could probably make you an expert in no time.