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Food Allergies - You're not alone!

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  • Food Allergies - You're not alone!

    I'm glad to see that there is a section dedicated to people with food allergies or with special food preferences.

    Here's a tidbit of information about Food Allergies:

    A food allergy presents itself in two forms.
    1. The immediate allergy: This form of allergy is generally quite easy to diagnose as a reaction (such as rash) occurs immediately during or after food consumption (examples are peanut or shellfish allergy).
    2. The non-immediate allergy: The reaction appears much later and specialised tests are necessary for diagnosis. Symptoms caused by food allergies include eczema, chronic cough, nasal polyps, phlegm (in the absence of infection), chronic headaches and other symptoms. Often the symptoms are non-specific and statistics have shown that typically the sufferer has sought numerous medical opinions without relief.

    Source: Singapore AngloInfo

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    Have you guys tried doing GAPS diet? I don't have food allergies, but many people claim to have reversed/healed their allergies through this diet. it's meant to heal your gut so that toxins don't get past your intestinal walls and end up in your body where they're not supposed to.
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      In my field of work, we encountered a lot of customer with a range of "allergies". Regardless of any diet restrictions, it is still best to avoid them altogether. Some are known to recover from them with unknown cures.

      Intolerance: Some are only intolerance to a particular ingredients e.g. Lactose/Dairy intolerance, Soy intolerance but this does not make them allergic to the ingredient.
      Sensitive: Some are sensitive to a particular ingredients e.g. Gluten Sensitive which does not cause a skin reaction but perhaps a bloat in the stomach immediately after consumption.
      Allergic: Like what was mentioned by BakingChamp


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        It's not happy at all when you allergy especially with food. People have milk allergy can find lactose free milk. With the people have peanut or soy, they have to careful in choosing products. Just in case for someone interesting, I found the notnuts spread which free of nuts, soy and gluten. You can give it a try