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  • Need Ideas to keep practising...

    I’m going back to school soon and i know that if i dont keep on practising my cake decorating, i will lose it. my question is what do you all practise with when you were all learning how to decorate cakes? i practise on parchment paper and it works good but there is a big difference when it comes to practising on sides of cakes. i was thinking of using a cake pan or maybe a dummy cake.

    what do you all think?

    i would also like to practise my icing of cakes. what would you suggest me practising on?

    thanks all

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    mix up instant mashed potato flakes to an icing consistency for practice. Easy, cheap and convenient!


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      Personally I've found Styrofoam hard to work with because of it's lightness it moves too easily (you must figure out a good way to anchor it down first). You can use anything that doesn't absorb your frosting.... a filled heavy plastic container, the side of your computer, BUT, put it on a turntable so you get familiar with using the turn table at the same time! Because using a turntable is part of the skill.

      Baking cakes is part of the skill too, you need to learn that as you go....SO why not make a real cake to learn on. If you make something dense like a carrot cake you can even scrape off all your decorative work and re-do it many times. Store it in the freezer for a couple days, whatever (so your not baking it fresh each time), actually piping boarders on it will be easier if it's frozen. There will be occasions where you need to know how to salvage a real cake and refrost it.

      Also you must use frosting to learn frosting.

      When you’re working on a "dummy" surface you just scrape it off and re use it over and over. Just like I'm saying you can reuse a cake over and over.

      When you’re learning boarders just pipe them directly on your table. Then scrape the frosting off with your palate knife. To learn them on the side of a cake frost your dummy with a base coat of frosting first (again to simulate what it's like on the real surface).

      You could even frost your counters at home and pipe on the side of them too. The only thing you can't do is put them on a turn table. They clean easily.


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        I used to use shortening based icing for practice. I would just scrape it off and keep using it over and over. Cream 1 cup of shortening with 1 pound of 10x and add a couple of teaspoons of water until you get the consistency you need. I practiced decorating both on cakes and on the counter top.

        When I was too lazy to bake a cake from scratch, I stocked up on Duncan Hines when it went on sale, threw a batch together and had my practice cake ready to go. I've heard there is some kind of spike to use with cake dummies to anchor them down, but I have no idea where to get it. I read that someone used a hot glue gun to glue the dummy to the cardboard and I think used a cardboard that was slightly bigger to have something to hold on to. Then you just cut off the excess when you're done.