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Crumb toppings for Apple Pies

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  • Crumb toppings for Apple Pies

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me with the crumb topping for french apple pies. The recipe I have been using gets soggy very quickly. Would I need to do something different with the apple filling or with the crumb topping, my recipe for topping uses flour, butter and brown sugar. Thanks.

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    What recipe are you using for your crumb topping? I use butter, a little flour, brown sugar, vanilla, and lots of cinnamon and a little nutmeg, and mix it with my fingers til it's still got fairly big 'crumbles' but is holding together. Are your pies very juicy? Maybe your topping is absorbing the liquid from the apples as they cook down, in which case adding more thickener to the filling might help.


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      There could be many reasons why:

      You might not be thickening your apples enough (but once you pie cools off how is your filling? Is it thickish or runny?) It your apple filling sets nice then that's not your problem.

      You might not be using enough topping, a certain amount will bake down into the top of your apple layer. It's not uncommon to need to double your toppings on a pie or crisp. It's possible your recipe is skimpy. How much topping does your recipe make, 1 c. or more?

      It's also possible that your topping has too much butter to flour and sugar so it melts down too much. Bake some of your topping on a sheet pan to test it. Does it remain like a topping/crumb or does it melt down so it looks like a cookie? If it melts down too much then you need to change your recipe.

      If you want, post your topping recipe and we should be able to narrow down what's happening from that.


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        You can try pre-baking your streusel topping separately before topping off the pie. I do this for my streusel that I put over banana muffins. Crunchy everytime and keeps at room temperature (like cookies do). It'll help us to help you if you post your recipe...