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Looking for Perfect Filling for Cake

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  • Looking for Perfect Filling for Cake

    Hello fellow bakers,

    I’m looking for a good cake filling, something of a thick layer filling in the cake. I was wondering if I should use pudding filling or mousse filling. Not a big fan of buttercream.

    Any advice? or what is your favorite cake filling?

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    I love to use thick fillings -- I like strawberries sandwiched in whipped cream and in other layers homemade lemon berry filling using fresh apple for pectin to hold it firm -- this for white cake with a grand marnier splash --

    then for chocolate I often use an Italian cream filling which is cream cheese, sour cream and more lemon juice than vanilla little sugar -- it's ridiculous -- the cake I call hot fudge but it's a play on words because its fudgey and it has cayenne pepper on it -- so the cheesey filling balances it out