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[part 1/3]*Baking As A Passion?

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  • [part 1/3]*Baking As A Passion?

    Hey Community,

    Was looking around to find a place to post stuff i think might be valuable to people who wants to start baking as a career. So recently I've left my corporate job, trying to pursuit a space in the baking entrepreneur ship space.

    What I've found out about this industry is, it is very lucrative!

    Personally went around with mum to learn how to bake cakes and attending workshops! Yes I am a male(i hope it's not too embarrassing though ).

    I've noticed that this industry is very lucrative because... cakes are like art!

    With a wonderful looking cake, or something really special, there's actually lots of sign ups!

    So i've went to do some researching and digging and asked a few bakers(who classes i've attended).

    This industry is... hmmm not that huge i would say(correct me if i'm wrong).

    So how does one survive in this industry? I think i would know the answer and it would just boil down to just 2:

    1) Creative looking cakes/bakes
    2) A skill people can take home that feels unique

    What I mean by that again is something not just like unicorn cake or you know, chocolate cakes. It is something that excites people. Something like a skill, e.g glazing, 3d art.

    Recently went to this studio which I appreciate alot on and the reason why is because of the different skills i could learn from overseas instructor and i even get certifications for! (talk about spending less money on baking schools etc). Well definitely worth it i would say and i'm really proud i could learn this with mum!

    Hope I didn't just write some fluff but I'm also trying to expand my network around forums/facebook, generally on the social media space.

    If you did find this post useful, do reply and share your thoughts too!

    I will be posting 2 more parts of this and my findings. Thank you for reading ! [part 1/3]

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    Hello there, how's your progress now since the last post? Interested to hear about how other ppl manage the switch btw a full time corporate job to a full time baker. It's a huge leap of faith after all and alot of planning and cash injection to go into entrepreneurship.


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      Hello there


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        Hello there, thanks for sharing. How's your progress so far since the last post? I am interested to find out more on the switch from a full time corporate job to a full time baker/entrepreneur. Afterall, it's a huge leap of faith and jumping right into risky business. Not mentioning the importance of advance business planning and cash management. Will be happy to find out more from you, how are you managing all that?