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How to List Your Promotion

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  • How to List Your Promotion

    How to list an item: This section is for ongoing promotions of your cakes, cupcakes, muffins, cookies and whatever wonderful bakes you have to sell!

    1. Please put the following header in your post:

    [Promotional Item Name - Price]

    For eg, [Wedding Cakes - $55 each until 30th Dec 15]

    2. Please also include the following descriptions in your post:

    1. Description + Promotional Deal
    2. Price that you're selling at + Time period / duration of promotion
    3. Delivery Options (and any additional delivery charges) + Where to Collect
    4. Duration / Time taken for this item to be ready (immediate stock available)

    *Insert an image of your item. Upload your photo onto and embed your picture (after uploading on Imgur) by clicking on the image and selecting the BBCode link. Paste the BBCode link here and your image will appear.

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